Bowls & Trays

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Chafing Dishes
Chafing Dish c/w Full Deep Insert & Sterno$23.00
Chafing Dish c/w Full Shallow Insert & Sterno$23.00
Chafing Dish c/w Half Deep Inserts & Sterno$23.00
Chafing Dish c/w Half Shallow Inserts & Sterno$23.00
Chafing Dish c/w Triple Deep Inserts & Sterno$23.00
Chafing Dish, Roll-top c/w Full Shallow Insert & Sterno$45.00
Chafing Dish Roll-top c/w Half Shallow Insert & Sterno$45.00
Chafer Insert Only, Full Deep$4.75
Chafer Insert Only, Full Shallow$4.75
Chafer Insert Only, Half Deep$3.25
Chafer Insert Only, Half Shallow$3.25
Chafer Insert Only, Triple Deep$2.25
Round Food Warmer 11qt Electric$25.00
Soup Tureen, 71/4 qt c/w insert & sterno$22.00
Heat Lamp c/w Carving Board, 2 Lamp$39.00
Coffee Urns
Coffee Urn, Electric Percolator, 100 Cup$23.00
Coffee Urn, Electric Percolator, 55 Cup$20.00
Coffee Urn, Electric Percolator, 36 Cup$17.50
Serving Equipment
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - White Bone China$25.00
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - Ivory Vintage Look$25.00
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - Glass Plates$25.00
Cupcake Stand, 4 tier, White$55.00
Cake Stand, Stainless Steel$8.00
Table Top
Salt & Pepper Shakers, Classic, pair (unfilled)$1.65
Salt & Pepper Shakers, Contemporary, pair (unfilled)$1.65
Nortitake Arctic White Gravy Boat with Tray$4.50
Gravy Boat, Stainless$1.65
Bread Basket, Wicker$1.00
Wine Carafe 1L$2.50
Pitcher, Unbreakable, Clear 60oz$1.65
Pitcher Glass 60 oz$3.75
Pitcher Glass 32 oz$2.25
Insulated Beverage Carafe, 2L, Stainless$8.00
Insulated Beverage Server, 2L $4.50
Fondue Pot c/w 6 Forks and Fuel$14.00
Fondue Forks$0.50
Lobster Cracker, Each$0.75
Lobster Pick, Each$0.75
Butter Warmers, Each$2.75
Table Number Stand, Traditional Style$1.25
Table Number Stand, Contemporary Style$1.25
Beverage Dispensers
Cold Drink Dispenser$35.00
Thermo Hot Drink Server, 5 Gal$24.00
Thermo Cold Drink Server, 5 Gal$17.00
Thermo Cold Drink Server, 10 Gal$24.00
Insulated Beverage Carafe, 2L, Stainless$8.00
Insulated Beverage Carafe, 2L$4.50
Food Carriers
Thermo Food Carrier (holds 4 Full Deep Chafer Inserts)$39.00
Kitchen Preparation
Heat Lamp, c/w Carving Board, 2 Lamp$39.00
Commercial Blender 1.25L Capacity$15.00
Bus Bin, Grey$2.25
Bus Cart/ Serving Trolley$33.00
Stock Pot 20qt$16.50
Stock Pot 40qt$33.00
Stock Pot 80qt$48.00
Baking Sheet, 18"x26"$6.50
Cutting Board, Plastic 15"x20"$6.75
Banquet Spoon, Regular$1.50
Banquet Spoon, Slotted$1.50
Table Serving Spoon$1.50
Table Serving Fork$1.50
Tongs 9" $1.50
Tongs 15"$1.65
Ladle, 8oz$1.50
Ladle, 6oz$1.50
Ladle, 4oz$1.50
Ladle, 2 oz$1.50
Ladle, 1oz$1.50
Carving Knife 12 Inch$2.75
Carving Fork $2.75
Cake Server$1.50
Bowls & Trays
Serving Platter, 18 Inch Oval, Stainless$3.75
Serving Platter, 21 Inch Oval, Stainless$4.50
Serving Platter, 24 Inch Oval, Stainless$5.50
Serving Tray/ Platter, 12 Inch Round, Stainless$4.25
Serving Tray, 16 Inch Round$3.25
Serving Tray, 27 Inch Oval$9.00
Banquet Serving Tray Stand, Chrome$7.50
Serving Bowl Pebbled 12"$4.50
Serving Bowl Pebbled 15" $4.95
Serving Bowl Pebbled 23"$9.25
Serving Bowl Glass 9"$2.00
Serving Bowl Glass 10"$3.25
Serving Platter, Noritake Arctic White China$5.50
Punch Fountains & Bowls
Punch Fountain, Stainless, 2 Tier, 5 Gal$75.00
Punch Fountain, Stainless, 3 Tier, 5 Gal$82.00
Punch Bowl Glass, 11 quart$11.00
Punch Bowl Stainless, 12 quart$11.00
Ladle, 6oz$1.50
Punch Cups, Glass$6.25
Cold Drink Dispenser$35.00