Party Rental Depot in Calgary can supply and install dance floor rentals for your wedding, party or other special event.

Our flooring is suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use. For indoor applications, it can be laid directly over the existing carpet or flooring in the space. For outdoor use, usually a subfloor is required, and we can supply that too.

Our flooring is rented by the square foot and can be set up in any configuration to suit the event space. The prices you see below include set up and take down, but do not include delivery.

When installed, the edges of the dance floor are finished with a ramp edging which creates a smooth transition between the grade of the dance floor and the existing flooring in the room.

How much dance flooring will you need? It is suggested that you should allow 2-4 square feet per person for dancing at an event. We would be happy to discuss your dance flooring, sub flooring or event flooring needs with you. Please email us or call us at 403-735-6133 for more information on dance floor rentals in Calgary.

Name Price Add to Cart Image
Dance Floor
Dance Floor Black/White Vinyl $1.65
Dance Floor Wood Grain Vinyl$1.75
Sub Floor
Sub Floor$1.75