Helium, Balloons and Ribbon

At Party Rental Depot, we offer helium gas for balloons in earth-friendly, refillable, reusable cylinders.

Helium balloons can add a festive, colour co-ordinated decor option for your party or special event. Helium balloons are also a very popular and attention-grabbing marketing /promotion option for your business or organization. By using one of our helium tank rentals, you are able to easily transport your helium and inflate your balloons on-site.

The prices listed include the filler nozzle as shown in the photos. The name of each helium tank corresponds to the number of 11" balloons that can be filled with that cylinder. If you are using 8" or 9" balloons, you should be able to fill about double the number of 11" balloons.

For example, our Helium 18 Cylinder will fill about 18 - 11" balloons. If you use 8" or 9" balloons, you should be able to fill double that number, or about 36 balloons.

We also carry a great assortment of helium-grade latex balloons and curling ribbon, as well as electric balloon air fillers.

Our prices are very competitive and are based on usage for your one-day or weekend event. This means you may have the cylinder from the day before your event until the day after the event for the price listed. If you require a longer rental or lease on a cylinder, please contact us.

Helium cylinders can be picked up and transported in a regular passenger vehicle, with the exception of the Helium 450 Cylinder. To comply with Transport Canada regulations, it must be transported fully upright and secured with ratchet straps in a cube van or similar vehicle. For this reason, most customers who require this large cylinder for their event choose to take advantage of our delivery and pick up service. For more information on this service please contact us.

Please email us or call 403-735-6133 for more information on helium tank rentals in the Calgary area.

Name Price Add to Cart Image
Helium Gas
Helium 18 Cylinder (fills 18 - 11" balloons)$28.95
Helium 36 Cylinder (fills 36 - 11" balloons)$49.95
Helium 68 Cylinder (fills 68 - 11" balloons)$89.95
Helium 108 Cylinder (fills 108 - 11" balloons)$124.95
Helium 450 Cylinder (fills 450 - 11" balloons)$399.95
Balloon Equipment
Electric Air Balloon Filler$15.00
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Orange$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Gold$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Yellow$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Red$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Silver$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Purple$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Pearl$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Lavender$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Black$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Royal Blue$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Baby Blue$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Navy Blue$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, White$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Pink$1.59
Balloons-Helium Quality 10-Pack, Emerald Green$1.59
Ribbon, Curling, 500 yds, Black$4.35
Ribbon, Curling, 500 yds, White$4.35
Ribbon, Curling, 500 yds, Silver$4.35
Ribbon, Curling, 500 yds, Gold$4.35
Hi-Float Kit$19.99
Balloon Weights
Pyramid Balloon Weight - Black$1.00
Pyramid Balloon Weight - Pearl White$1.00
Pyramid Balloon Weight - Silver$1.00
Pyramid Balloon Weight - Gold$1.00