Table & Chair Linens

Party Rental Depot in Calgary has a large selection of linen rentals including tablecloth rentals, napkin rentals, table skirting rentals, spandex table covering rentals, chair cover rentals, chair sash rentals, and table runner rentals. We have what you need to create the perfect look, whether you have your own or venue tables to cover, or are taking advantage of our wide selection of table rentals.

We offer affordable pricing and the friendly staff at Party Rental Depot are here to assist you in putting together just what you need for your upcoming party or special event. Please email us or call 403-735-6133 for more information on linen and napkin rentals in the Calgary area.

Name Price Add to Cart Image
Napkins, White$9.00
Napkins, Black$9.00
Napkins, Black Satin Stripe$9.00
Napkins, Ivory$9.00
Napkins, Beige Satin Stripe$9.00
Napkins, Red$9.00
Napkins, Rust$9.00
Napkins, Burgundy$9.00
Napkins, Pastel Blue$9.00
Napkins, Royal Blue$9.00
Napkins, Primary Blue$9.00
Napkins, Navy$9.00
Napkins, Midnight Navy$9.00
Napkins, Pastel Pink$9.00
Napkins, Princess Pink$9.00
Napkins, Hot Pink$9.00
Napkins, Eggplant$9.00
Napkins, Matte Purple$9.00
Napkins, Purple$9.00
Napkins, Lilac$9.00
Napkins, Sunflower$9.00
Napkins, Forest Green$9.00
Napkins, Seafoam Green$9.00
Napkins, Celadon$9.00
Napkins, Pewter$9.00
Napkins, Grey$9.00
Napkins, Vivid Pumpkin$9.00
Napkins, Dark Chocolate$9.00
Napkins, Milk Chocolate$9.00
Square Table Linens, 52" X 52"
Tablecloth 52" X 52", White$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Black$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Ivory$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Sandalwood$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Beige$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Red$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Primary Blue$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Midnight Navy$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Red Check$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Blue Check$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Black Check$5.50
Tablecloth 52" X 52", Green Check$5.50
Square Table Linens, 72" X 72"
Tablecloth 72" X 72", White$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72", Black$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72", Ivory$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72", Red$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72", Primary Blue$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72" Sandalwood$6.00
Tablecloth 72" X 72", Burgundy$6.00
Square Table Linens, 85" X 85"
Tablecloth 85" X 85", White$6.50
Tablecloth 85" X 85", Black$6.50
Tablecloth 85" X 85", Ivory$6.50
Tablecloth 85" X 85", Sandalwood$6.50
Tablecloth 85" X 85", Beige$6.50
Tablecloth 85" X 85", Dark Chocolate$6.50
Rectangular Table Linens, 52" X 69"
Tablecloth 52" X 69", White$4.50
Tablecloth 52" X 69", Black$4.50
Rectangular Table Linens, 52" X 114"
Tablecloth 52" x 114", White$7.00
Tablecloth 52" X 114", Black$7.00
Tablecloth 52" X 114", Ivory$7.00
Tablecloth 52" x 114", Beige$7.00
Tablecloth 52" x 114", Dark Chocolate$7.00
Rectangular Table Linens, 72" X 120"
Tablecloth, 72" x 120", White$8.00
Round Table Linens
Tablecloth Round, 90",White$12.00
Tablecloth Round, 90", Black$12.00
Tablecloth, Round, 120", White$18.00
Tablecloth, Round, 120", Black$18.00
Tablecloth, Round, 120", Ivory$18.00
Oval Table Linens
Tablecloth, Oval, 90" x132", White$17.50
Tablecloth, Oval, 90" x132", Black$17.50
Tablecloth, Oval, 90" x 132", Ivory$17.50
Table Runners
Table Runner, Black + White Damask, 72"x16"$7.50
Table Runner, White with Silver Sequin + 3D Flowers, 108"x13"$7.50
Table Runner, Silver Sequin, 108"x72"$7.50
Table Runner, Matte Silver with Glitter, 72"x15"$7.50
Table Runner, Gold Pintuck, 108"x12"$7.50
Table Runner, Gold with Sequin & Ribbon, 108"x13"$7.50
Table Runner, Champagne Ribbon Rose 3D, 108"x15"$7.50
Table Runners, Faux Burlap, 108"x14"$7.50
Table Runner, Eggplant Sequin, 108"x12"$7.50
Table Runner, Brown Pintuck, 108"x12"$7.50
Table Runner, Black Damask, 86"x15"$7.50
Table Runner, Black Damask with Fringed Ends, 72"x15"$7.50
Table Runner, Lavender Organza, 104"x13"$7.50
Table Runner, Silver Rosette, 106"x15"$7.50
Table Skirting
Table Skirting, Pleated, 8', White$11.50
Table Skirting, Pleated, 14', White$18.50
Table Skirting, Pleated, 8', Black$11.50
Table Skirting, Pleated, 14', Black$18.50
Table Skirting, Sateen, 14', White$11.00
Table Skirting, Sateen, 14', Black$11.00
Spandex Table Covers
Spandex Table Cover, 36"x42", Black$19.50
Spandex Table Cover, 36"x42", White$19.50
Spandex Table Cover, 36"x42" Ivory$19.50
Spandex Table Cover, 30"x42", Black$19.50
Spandex Table Cover, 8'x30", Black$19.50
Spandex Table Cover, 6'x30", Black$19.50
Chair Covers
Chair Cover, Universal Pillowcase Style, White Satin$3.95
Chair Cover, Universal Pillowcase Style, Black Satin$3.95
Chair Cover, Universal Pillowcase Style, Ivory Satin$3.95
Chair Cover, Universal Pillowcase Style, Brown Satin$3.95
Chair Cover, Square Back Banquet Chair Style, White Damask$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, Black Damask$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, Ivory Damask$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, White$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, Black$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, Ivory$3.95
Chair Cover, Square Back Banquet Chair Style, White Stripe with Self-Tie$3.95
Chair Cover, Round Back Banquet Chair Style, White Scuba with Stretch$3.95
Disposable Table Covers
Plastic Tablecover Roll - White$68.09
Plastic Tablecover Roll - Red & White Check$86.00
Paper Tablecover Roll - White$43.95