Photobooth rentals are a very popular item for all types of events in Calgary and the surrounding area!!

You may be familiar with the traditional automated style of photobooth rental unit that allows guests to go inside a little space and pose for their pictures.  These units have a camera and printing equipment built in, and the system will spit out the guests' photos on a little strip of photo paper.  These units typically rent for prices starting at about 599.00 for a few hours at your event.

Another style of photobooth that is available in the event marketplace is one where you are provided with a backdrop and a live photographer for a number of hours during the event.  This is sightly less expensive than an automated photobooth (about 350-450.00).  In some cases the photos are available for pick up at the event, and in some cases they can be viewed and ordered for future delivery. 

Our photobooth rentals are affordable and fun!  Our photobooths are called The Selfie Booth! They rent for only 199.00, and you can have yours from the day before your event until the day after your event for the one low price.  If your event is on a weekend, you can have it from Friday until Monday for the one low rental price.  You can choose to have it delivered and picked up, or save even more money by picking it up yourself.  The Selfie Booth can be rented with one of seven gorgeous photo backdrops to suit the theme of your event.  If you would like a customized backdrop for your event with custom, corporate or event branding/ logos, for an additional cost we can arrange for that!  The Selfie Booth is easy to set up and take down, and does not take up much room.  (It is 5' wide, 41/2' deep and 7' tall.)  It is completely collapsible so can be easily transported in almost any vehicle.  Your guests will love having their photobooth photos in digital format, on their own devices, where they can archive them and share them on social media!  The Selfie Booth comes with a sign that stands next to it, to cue your guests to join in the fun.  This sign also has a space for event organizers to post information about social media pages or hashtags that they would like guests to use when sharing their photos from the event. Event organizers can also use this space to ask guests to email their photos to an email account set up just for the event, to serve as a collection point for all of the great memories of the occassion. Some event organizers choose to enhance their  Selfie Booth with props for guests to pose with or wear, or have signs for them to hold in the photo; the possibilities are endless!  The Selfie Booth is convenient, budget friendly, so much fun, and can help you create a buzz on the internet about your fabulous occasion.  Call or email today for more information or to book The Selfie Booth for your next event!


Name Price Add to Cart Image
Selfie Booth with "VIP Red Carpet" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Celebration Confetti" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Golden Fireworks" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Garden Arbour Pathway" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Calgary Evening Skyline" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Birch Forest" Backdrop$199
Selfie Booth with "Winter Snowflake" Backdrop$199
Set-Up & Take Down
Selfie Booth Set-Up & Take Down$30.00