Tents & Pop-Up Canopies

Party Rental Depot in Calgary offers lots of affordable options for tented events.

Our weather is unpredictable, and by renting a tent for your outdoor event, your guests are sure to be out of the hot sun, out of the rain; warm, comfortable and dry, no matter what the weather decides to do.

All of the prices you see are based on a one-day event rate, however our experienced staff will set up your tent the day before your event and take it down the day after your event if this suits your needs. If your event is on a weekend, we usually set up on Thursday or Friday and take down on Monday or Tuesday following the event for the low prices listed below.

Our prices include the tent rental, set-up and take-down, as well as any and all sidewalls required. Prices are based on set up on grass and do not include ballast weighting for concrete or asphalt tent sites. Prices do not include delivery or permits. Permits are sometimes required by your city, town or municipal district.

Please check with your local authority as soon as possible to make sure that applications are made with enough time allowed for the application to be processed. For tent sites within the city of Calgary, you can call 311 or visit www.calgary.ca for more information on event tent permits.

Additionally, if your tent is being set up on grass, we will be anchoring it to the ground using long, metal stakes. Because of this, it is necessary for you to have the underground utilities located on the property. This is a free service, but it must be arranged in advance, and we are only able to stake a tent if we have a written report that was made within two weeks of our set up. Call or click before you dig: (Alberta 1 Call) 1-800-242-3447 www.albertaonecall.com.

If you are looking for a less costly, do-it-yourself option, consider one of our pop-up canopies. Pop-up canopies have a one-piece frame and with their "pop-up" design, are easy and quick to set up and take down. You can even transport them yourself in a hatch-back, wagon, minivan or SUV. We have special weights available for rent if you are using the canopy on concrete, asphalt or a stone patio. Should you require sidewalls for your canopy, we can supply those as well.

We also offer heaters, furnaces and tent lighting as your one stop provider for your tented event. Do you require tables, chairs or flooring for your tent or canopy? We can help with that too! Please email us or call 403-735-6133 for more information on tent rentals, canopy rentals, tent furnace rentals or tent heater rentals in the Calgary area.

Name Price Add to Cart Image
Tent, 10 ft x 10 ft$350.00
Tent, 10 ft x 20 ft$450.00
Tent, 20 ft x 20 ft $546.00
Tent, 20 ft x 30 ft$746.00
Tent, 20 ft x 40 ft$950.00
Tent, 40 ft x 40 ft$1617.00
Tent, 40 ft x 60 ft$2258.00
Tent, 40 ft x 80 ft$3097.00
Tent Weighting
Weighting for 10x10 Tent$300.00
Weighting for 10x20 Tent$300.00
Weighting for 20x20 Tent$300.00
Weighting for 20x30 Tent$450.00
Weighting for 20x40 Tent$450.00
Weighting for 40x40 Tent$600.00
Weighting for 40x60 Tent$750.00
Weighting for 40x80 Tent$900.00
Pop-Up Canopies
Pop-Up Canopy, 10 ft x 10 ft$135.00
Pop-Up Canopy, 10 ft x 20 ft$215.00
Pop-Up Canopy Walls 10 ft wide, Each$12.50
Pop-Up Canopy, Set-up & Take down$30.00
Pop-Up Canopy Weighting
Sand Bags, Each$3.50
Rubber Weights, Each$4.50
Weighting for 10x10 Canopy$36.00
Weighting for 10x20 Canopy$54.00
Tent Accessories
Bistro Lights, 100' string, 100 warm white plastic LED bulbs$80.00
Tent Furnace, 80,000 BTU (requires 2 x 30lb propane and power supply)$95.00
Heater, Infrared, Electric$44.00
Propane 30lb Tank$45.00
Mini Lights$10.00
Extension Cord 25ft - White$6.25
Extension Cord 50ft - White$12.50
Extension Cord 100ft - White$25.00