Tent Furnace, 80,000 BTU (requires 2 x 30lb propane and power supply)


This furnace is to be placed outside the tent and has a heat duct that is run under one of the tent walls, bringing the heat into the tent. It runs on a thermostat, which is to be kept inside the tent, and has an electric forced-air fan. It requires two 30 lb propane tanks which are connected to the furnace with a \"pigtail\" type connection as well as power for the forced-air fan. It is a perfect addition to your tent rental, as our Alberta weather can be unpredictable, and our evenings can be chilly, no matter the season. Our competent staff will set everything up for you and show you how to operate it. A tent + a tent furnace = guests that are warm, dry, and happy no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!