Cake Stands

Name Price Add to Cart Image
Wedding Pavillion in White Chiffon$180.00
Wedding Pavillion in Ivory Chiffon$180.00
Wedding Arbour, White Resin$75.00
Archway, White Iron$45.00
Archway, Pewter Iron$45.00
Archway, Pewter Iron with extender$50.00
Mini Lights$12.00
Vintage Collection
Vintage Ladder Archway, Walnut Stain$45.00
Vintage Step Ladder, Antique White$15.00
Vintage Step Ladder, Walnut Stain$15.00
Vintage Loft Ladder, Antique White$15.00
Vintage Loft Ladder, Walnut Stain$15.00
Vintage Ladder Display Set, Walnut Stain$45.00
Easel, White Wooden$11.00
Vintage Plank Set, Walnut Stain$15.00
Vintage Photo Frame/ Seating Plan Display$10.00
Vintage Wire Display Frame, Large, Antique White$12.00
Vintage Wire Display Frame, Small, Walnut stain$8.00
Cake Stands
Cupcake Stand, 4 tier, White$55.00
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - White Bone China$25.00
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - Ivory Vintage Look$25.00
Serving Stand, Brown Wrought Iron, 3 Tier - Glass Plates$25.00
Cake Stand, Stainless Steel$8.00
Centrepieces & Decor
3 Light Crystal Beaded Chandelier, Gold$30.00
3 Light Crystal Beaded Chandelier, Silver$30.00
White Lantern - 8" tall, 4.5" base$3.00
Galvanized Lantern$6.00
Black Lantern - 18" tall, 9.5" base$8.00
Centrepiece, Gold Spindle$6.00
Gold Beaded Charger Plate 13"$2.00
Silver Beaded Charger Plate 13"$2.00
Centrepiece, Pillar Shape$1.75
Centrepiece, Globe Shape$1.75
Martini Glass Centerpiece 50oz$5.50
Aged Glass Votive, Gold$1.00
Aged Glass Votive, Silver$1.00
Bird Cage Card Holder$12.00
Mirror 10" Round$2.75
Flower Ball 7", Ivory$10.00
Vase, Pyramid 12.5" Height$3.00
Vase, Bud$1.50
Easel, White Wooden$10.00
Pillars & Pedestals
Pedestals, Roman Pillar Style, 32" Height, pair$24.00
Pedestals, Roman Pillar Style, 40" Height, pair$28.00
Pedestals, Roman Pillar Style, 72" Height, pair$40.00
Pedestals, White Wooden, 36" Height, pair$8.00
Pedestals, White Wooden, 48" Height, pair$9.00
Pedestals, White Basket Style, pair$10.00
Pedestals, Pewter Iron, 38" Height, pair$10.00
White Lattice Screens, 2 Piece Section $7.00
Silk Plants
Trailing Ivy Potted Plant$6.00
Boxwood Spiral Topiary, 4', pair$35.00
Boxwood Greenery, 5'$5.00
Palm, 9'$60.00
Candleabra, White Iron, 7 Branch$20.00
Candleabra, Gold, 7 Branch$20.00
Candles, Spring loaded, White,c/w wax insert$1.25